Tag That Pic add a Quote Quick


Tag That Pic add a Quote Quick is the super fun art of taking a photo and adding a quote. ***OHH!! AND DID I SAY THIS IS FREE FOR ALL ANDROID USERS??!!:-)****

How boring is it just just to send a simple photo? We have developed a very fun and interactive easy to use platform that gives you the ability to add your own quote to the photo to make it stand out.

****Are you ready for some fun??****

The best photo, image and picture quote editor is nothing but fantastic. Take a photo either in real time or from your existing image gallery, add a quote and simply send it off.

We made this photo interactive application extremely easy to use. Simply Choose a picture--select a quote and SEND...How easy is that?

We have loaded this interactive photo picture game with a ton of tools for you to enjoy.



A.) Choose from your gallery of existing pictures, or take a real time photo shot

B.)Choose Between one of your 3 message options. You can select from a list of over hundred quotes to send and attach in the picture, or we you have the ability to RANDOMLY select a quote(application chooses one for you), and finally you can ADD YOUR OWN QUOTE. This is the coolest feature of all. You have the ability to create your own quote and add it on to the picture, and send it off...it's that EASY!---PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS PRESSING THE ARROW BUTTON PRESSING DOWN, PLEASE JUST PRESS WITH YOUR FINGER DIRECTLY, THE 3 WORD OPTIONS (MANUAL/RANDOM/ADD YOUR OWN QUOTE). Some phones require you to do slightly different things than others.


Simply press your finger on the "SHARE" button to choose who and where you want to send your edited photo to

C.)When choosing your photo along with a quote, you have the ability to send the edited Photo via text
message/social networking platforms, email...to name a few.

Send a funny message to a friend or family. You can use this image application to edit pics from any event you have either in real time pictures or from your image gallery.
We have made this Photo interactive Game available on all Android devices.

Choose the "did you see" icon image on the bottom left of screen to play and install any of our other interactive applications for Free on google play.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful high quality soundboard application as much as we did making it for you!

Please don't hesitate to notify us if you have any questions. Please save this application onto your phone as we will be upgrading this application on a monthly basis with new sounds and photos.

We ask that after playing with this application that you leave a positive review so that other users can benefit from your comments and enjoy this very top quality animal soundboard application.

You can always "REVIEW" your final image before sending it off to friends and family by simply pressing the image icon to the left of the "SHARE" button.

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Tag That Pic add a Quote Quick

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