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Are you ready to install the most interactive social application you have ever seen on your mobile phone?

Well.....Come a little bit closer.....We have something to tell you...

For the first time now available for all Android users...We bring you...

PreferO, which would you prefer?

The ultimate PREFERENCE based social interactive experience that connects you to millions of people from all over the world.

Can't make up your mind about which dress or shirt to buy? Or want to know what others think about which team will win the big game? You may be curious to know which place others would prefer to visit. Whatever it is small or great, light-hearted or serious, PreferO allows you to get the perspective of others.

Finally, an interactive social experience that will have you craving for more!

A social experience that connects you to people, images, and places from all over the world. Upload a question and receive cool and fun preferences from others....Its as easy as 1..2..SUBMIT.

Explore what you and others prefer, as well as create preferences (by writing or uploading images) for family and friends to answer. You can share your answered and/or created preferences with your social networks in order to engage a wider audience.

Simply the only SOCIAL interactive application that you will ever need on your Android phone...Best of all its absolutely FREE!

OR....You can continue to use the same old social applications that are getting a bit stale with the same results.

Upload a question....Opinion...image...or any other cool idea or suggestion that comes to mind. Immediately get responses from people from all around the world.

Let someone help you choose/decide the answers.

Get great great people.


We could tell you more but that would be no fun. Install the social application and let the fun begin!

PreferO- taking social MOBILE by storm

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Please review this PreferO social user application and send us your comments in order for us to bring improvements to the PreferO experience on Android.