How informed are you on the latest political data over the past 4 years. Are you ready to make a final decision on who you want elected for the next presidency.

We have done a lot of research in preparing this very detailed question and answer political IQ game for you. We wanted this to be educational and fun at the same time.

YOU ACTUALLY LEARN SOMETHING, and play a very fun game all in one.

Great for students/and people who want to better themselves with relevant and important information that is essential to their daily lives.

We are taking a Bi-partisan approach to asking impartial and informative questions that you the user should know and be tested on before this next election. Not to mention important information that is important for your overall knowledge on the latest political agenda and news.

We bring you the most interactive political IQ trivia Game for all smart phone users absolutely Free of charge.

Whether you are a Democrat/Republican/Independent..etc, this is a must Trivia IQ game you must review before making your final decision.

We will ask you a random series of questions to determine your political IQ, and then give you a final score. Fun for the whole family. Compete against friends.

Try to get 10 answers correct in a row and you win, not to mention are highly informed and can say that you are a Obama administration expert.

Try to get a 75% or better and you pass the Political IQ Test. You would be surprised as to the information you do not know.

We offer a free prize if you can pass the test as a token of our appreciation for testing your knowledge in this political trivia game.

The very best luck to you and may the best OBAMA ADMINISTRATION EXERT WIN!

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