Fire Clock and Ice Clock LWP


****If you are not extremely impressed with this live Fire Clock and Ice Clock Live Wallpaper application then I will be very very surprised!****

All you have to do is TAP YOUR FINGER to enjoy the different themes based on your own preference. Tap on the middle of the clock to choose a theme you like.

We want to thank everyone for installing our other popular clock application "Choose Your Planet Live Wallpaper". We have finally hit over the 50,000 install installations mark and growing rapidly. As a bonus we have created our 4th version Fire Clock and Ice Clock LWP. Listen to what some of our other users had to say about our extremely popular clock application with alarm clock:

Edward K - March 6, 2013 - SEMC Xperia Ray
In one word, its beautiful. Live wallpaper and clock both in one. Using it happily.

Mikah H - April 29, 2013 - Samsung Galaxy S3
I would recommend others to download this. Its too cool, and looking great in my device.

Sadhis R - April 12, 2013 - Samsung Galaxy S3
Planets rock!!
And much much more.......................
Choose from a JellyFish, Goldfish,Blue Fish,Sharks,Barracuda,Hammer Shark,Dolphins and more.

We have taken the liberty to create 6 different Fire and Ice backgrounds for you to choose as a live wallpaper on your smart phone.

Finally an interactive live high resolution application that combines the use of a digital clock with live images of our favorite Fire and Ice themed live motion wallpaper, that mother nature has to offer....pretty impressive, don't you think think?

This application is unique and there simply is no other application that combines that of a live clock and Fire and Ice themed wallpapers INTO 1 APPLICATION....Best of all its FREE for all Android users!

Simply tap your finger in the middle of the Fire and Ice clock theme to choose between 6 different themes based on the the most popular types of Fire and Ice themes you have ever seen.

Of course we have a bonus feature addition as well just for you. Not only do we have 6 different Fire and Ice themes(With completely different backgrounds as well!) for you to choose from, but we have added an ALARM CLOCK feature as well.

Simply press a finger on the alarm clock icon on the top right above the Fire or Ice theme image and you can easily set your alarm clock as well.

To set your Live motion alarm clock Fire and Ice theme wallpaper, simply do the following:
choose the option: LIVE WALLPAPERS
Scroll until you find the app named CHOOSE YOUR FIRE OR ICE CLOCK
Thats it!!

This app is sure to impress friends and family. Not to mention you actually learn something on the way.

Its time to have a better understanding of what mother nature has to offer.
FIRE AND ICE. Mother Nature's gift to mankind, is available as a live motion theme wallpaper on your smart phone.

Please don't hesitate to notify us if you have any questions. Please save this application onto your phone as we will be upgrading this application on a monthly basis.

We ask that after playing with this application that you leave a positive review so that other users can benefit from your comments and enjoy this very top quality Fire Clock and Ice Clock LWP

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