Extreme Weight Loss TrainerPRO


Warning: This revolutionary Cardio Weight Loss Trainer PRO is only for individuals that are serious about achieving their ultimate weight goals. Please do not install this Free calorie burn weight loss application if this is not a personal requirement.

After extensive research and thorough review, we are now offering this highly targeted Calorie counter assistant tool to you FOR FREE!!

We only ask that after you have used this weight loss tool, that you leave a positive review so that other users with similar needs will review this app for themselves and install this free application for use as well.

It was our goal in mind to create a user friendly Calorie eliminator/weight loss tool that is extremely easy to use and fun as well.

You simply would add all of your data into a friendly user console page where you would be able to track and review your daily weight loss and calorie counter goals.

Our features include:

PULSE CHECK--Use our friendly heart check monitor to scan and properly check your heart beat, with a results tab to see where your heart beat is.

SET YOUR GOALS--ability to choose between your weight measurement preferences

HELP ME--if there are any questions on your weekly/daily goals, this section is a perfect to answer and update you as to where you are in your goal cycle.

WEIGHT GRAPH--You have the ability to monitor your daily/weekly/monthly weight goals in a user friendly graph

ONGOING PROGRESS---Is a detailed informational tool to explain the process as per where you are

Please review the daily tasks to make sure you are following your workout routines for accurate weight loss

If you have any questions dont hesitate to email us at any time as we are constantly making improvements to this application

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