Christian Daily Prayer Guide


Welcome to the most popular Christian prayer application on Google Play for Android users only! And best of all its completely free.

I am happy to say that because of my love for our Lord Jesus, I have dedicated and put together a wonderful prayer guide application for the many people interested in learning our Lord's prayer in more detail.

Christian Daily Prayer Guide is your complete daily guide to everything you need to know about daily prayer.

This is exactly like having your daily prayer while you are on the go. This is more than just your daily prayers, but also we give you the meaning behind these beautiful prayers.

Enjoy the words of JESUS in the palm of your hands.

We have spent a large of amount of time into the research of the data for this app, so that you the user will have a complete guide to the understanding and meaning of daily Christian Prayer.

The contents of this wonderful and very special Christian app are the following:

HOW TO PRAY SECRETS--SLIDE SHOW--With the swipe of a finger, you have the option to go through a series of slides that breakdown the correct meaning of the daily prayer and the proper breakdown of how to pray correctly and on a regular basis. This is more of an enjoyable visual way of learning the wonderful verses of our Lord and Savior.

HOW TO PRAY SECRETS EBOOK GUIDE--If you prefer to read and learn these awesome prayer secrets in text form then this is the option for you. This is a breakdown of categories made easy for learning.

We value your opinions and we want you to be completely happy with this very important application.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by emailing us directly so that we can answer each question right away. No reason to leave negative feedback as we will resolve any issues you might have.

We hope you enjoy this application as much as we have making this for you.

We have included a ton of additional free Christ prayer daily secrets for you to enjoy as well.

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