Bright Led Flashlight N Clock


***Finally a complete application of a super bright LED Flashlight, and a all purpose design clock!***

We want to thank all of our thousands of users for installing our first flashlight application "Extreme LED Flashlight & Lamp". With all of your positive Flashlight reviews we have decided to supercharge and make even a better application if that possible.

Just listen to what some of our users had to say on this:

"Fantastic This is an fantastic application. It works better than other fantastic applications. The brightness is so high. Attractable application for the people who loves night and moon.
A Google User"

"A Google User September 6, 2012
Just superb! wew wew! I wished to develop such kind of app though I have no knowledge on it. This kinda app is very useful in time of loadsheeding. I use it often. Cheers "

"James devries March 2, 2013
Flashlight and lamp Awesome!!!!!"

And much much more.......

The only Flashlight and or torchlight app you will ever need!! That is a simple fact.

This online flashlight is the all purpose flashlight clock application that is taking Google Play by storm.

This is the Brightest flashlight available.

Simply choose the bright flashlight clock in your "SETTINGS" tab, and set it as a Live Wallpaper on your smart phone. Once it is on your home screen, simply press the middle of the clock with a finger of your choice and you will be able to turn on and off the super bright flashlight(torch light) feature at your own discretion. **Please note that in come cases if for any reason you have issues with the flash portion, simply restart your phone once the flashlight and clock app is saved as a wallpaper and the flash should work no problem.

If you have ever been in that situation where you are in the dark or seemed to have lost something of importance then we cannot stress the importance of having this awesome super bright flashlight and clock widget available as a live motion wallpaper so that you can simply turn on the flashlight immediately without having to go into your apps page to find the flashlight application, keeping you in the dark even longer and creating that much more frustration.

We took the liberty to add a really elegant and design friendly Clock to this already super bright LED flashlight....Best of all this is absolutely Free.

Extremely quick load time on your phone

4.)We use only 1500kb of phone storage data from your phone, which is very low and easy to maintain.
Please enjoy this wonderful Bright Led Flashlight N Clock wallpaper application when you need it most.

Please note that we are constantly working on upgrading and adding to this flashlight application. For some devices if you have any problems turning the Flash OFF, then all you have to do is press the back button and it will automatically turn of the flash feature.

This is ad supported so we can pay our bills

We want to keep the app completely free, In order to keep free is ad supported and may contain ads in the notification tray and or home screen. This will help keep it free and help us bring you more cool apps like this in the future.

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