Bible Best IQ Trivia Game Free


Finally after popular demand, we have developed the ONLY bible trivia IQ game on Google Play. The Bible Best IQ Trivia Game, is a friendly all ages interactive trivia game to test your knowledge on both the old and new testament.

We ask a series of Random biblical trivia questions to test your overall knowledge of the Bible in full.

Whether you are Jewish, Christian, or any other religion, testing your knowledge of what you might have be taught in Sunday school, or Hebrew school will be a real challenge.

Try to get 10 question and answers in a row and you win the game with a free gift at the end. Or get an 80% or better on the exam and you win as well.

We have packed in some of the most interesting biblical questions every compiled.

You will love this game, not to mention you will learn a great deal of biblical history along the way.

Compete with friends and family to see who is the Best Bible Trivia IQ Game expert of all.

Please look out for monthly updates to the questions as we constantly upload free questions for you to enjoy.

Please email or contact is if you have any questions or if you want us to add more question and answers to the game.

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Bible Best IQ Trivia Game Free

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