Kids Learning Game Free


Kids Learning app provides very basic lessons for kids. Alphabets, Numbers, Animal and Animal sound provided with pictorial.

Kids can learn easily Alphabets, Numbers, Animal and Animal sound

For each section there is exam also. Once kid completes any particular section exam will be unlocked.

As per name of an application, you can experience basic learning skills through this application like alphabets, numbers, Animals and sounds of animals. Here, in a screenshot, you can find all the details related to an application. If you want to teach kids basic learning skills in a proper & unique way then you can get a better experience with this applications.
Kids Learning Game is an application where you can teach your kids letters, numbers & animal sounds with very ease.You can experience spelling check & correction functionality so kids can explore their knowledge with spelling also.So, using this application you can teach your kids letters, numbers and animal sounds with fun.So, it is very useful for those kids who are afraid of learning new things & have an interest in mobile phones for them it’s become entertainment with learning.
Select Category
Kids can select which type of learning experience they want. Here, they find some category like Letters, Count & Animal Sounds. In letters, kids can learn an alphabet with pronunciation.In count, they can learn numbers from 1 to 100. In Animal sound category kids can enjoy their sounds when this category is selected & some animal is selected.
Explore Knowledge
After selecting a particular category you can see a listing. When you accessing letters screen you can see letter & hear its pronunciation. You can learn other letters of an alphabet while scrolling the letter. It’s same for other categories while scrolling numbers you can learn 1 to 100 numbers. While accessing animal screen, you can hear a sound of an animal which displays on a screen.
What’s New
While accessing number screen, you can find some features like spell this number & correct this number. So, here you can test your spelling skills for numbers. You can type spelling for displayed number & also you can check that written spelling is correct or not.
Other Features
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While using this application you have a list of numbers & alphabets which you like & want to add them in favorite then you can add them with a favorite feature.
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